About us

      WE NOW OFFER ON THE FARM SLAUGHTER - Call for details

Beef - .51 Per Pound Carcass Weight, $60.00 Kill and Disposal

Hog - $200.00 Kill, Disposal and Butcher -.75 Per Pound for Cured Meat

Deer - $100.00 For Basic Cut      Salami & Jerky available at extra charge(Salami is made in 25 Pound Batches. This way your deer can processed, mixed, and made individually.) We Participate in Share The Harvest with no charge to the hunter.  Good Luck, and be SAFE!

Lamb  - $100.00 Kill, Disposal and Butcher

Retail Meat: All of our meat is fresh. We cut, grind, and tenderize to order.

We offer - BEEF - *Ground Chuck *Chuck Patties *Ribeye *K.C. Strip   *Chuck Roast *Stew Meat *Jerky *Salami

               PORK - *Sausage * Boneless Chops *Bone-In Smoked Chops *Baby Back Ribs *Tenderloins *Brat Burgers  *Bacon 

SOMETHING NEW!! - We now sell deli meat and cheese, by the pound or a sandwich. ALSO, TENDERLOIN SANDWICH, made with fresh pork, and homemade breading!